15 random thoughts in 3 minutes

If you ever read my old blog that i wrote when i was younger

MLB in the eyes of a 13 years old

You know i have long been a Yankee Fan
its true, and me writing about the astros and royals doesnt change that
so im just gonna get somethings off my mind real quick, if you dont mind.

1. We have 2 yes only 2 pitchers that i trust right now
CC and Phil, I’ve never really trusted Burnett and 4 and 5 in the rotation are pretty much open to anyone
2. If we have a 200$million dollar salary why dont we have at least 4 good quality pitcher
3. Andy Pettitte i miss you already
4. Hell I miss Mike Mussina, Mooooooooosee.
5. Joba Chamberlin needs to step up big this year
6. I am ligetimently scared the Orioles will have a better record than us this year
7. Im just gonna go out and say it, the Baltimore Orioles will win the American league east
8. actually forget that, the red sox will
9. but that wont matter because the braves are gonna win the world series
10. that was for you grandpa:) life long braves and yankee fan, just turned 90 years old
11. On the subject of Royals, that zach grienke trade doesnt look too bad
12. Everything leading up to that point looks down right disturbing
13. Its time the astros trade carlos lee while they can still get something for him
14. Its very cold in nebraska
15. Orioles In 2011, time for tee shirts im sold on this
Hope you all have a great day and if it offers any condolence its probably colder here than wherever you are:)
have a great weekend!

What A Waste!!

One of the most heartbreaking thing
about professional sports is never making it too the big game or being in the
big game and losing. If you’ve ever played for the Astros you know damn well
what that feels like. You also know what its like to ruin precious years of
your young life by playing for a poor team. Through the many years of 
being a
die-hard Astros fan you’ve seen this time and time again. Watch me bash the
Astros Management in this piece of good solemn literature.


Nolan Ryan is our first subject. Nolan
Ryan is undoubtedly (don’t doubt me) the greatest pitcher in the history. He
played eight great years with the ‘Stros and he won the nickname “The Express”.
Well why would the Astros not hold on to this precious diamond in the ruff.
Because the Astros management staff is full of bad decision makers. This may be
a cliché, to blame everything on the management but if you know the heartbreak
that the Astros have given me year after year you’d understand. So you have
this legend on the mound that makes Houston look like the place to be and you
don’t win a World Series. If you’re a GM and you make the playoffs and come
short to the Braves, Phillies and Dodgers, something’s wrong. Obviously you
need to make a change to the face of the franchise but why would you do that!
Nolan Ryan is the most coveted pitcher from 71’ to his retirement and they
wouldn’t resign him because he was getting to old. Nolan felt insulted and he
signed with the Rangers of Arlington. I’d be insulted to if you called me old
and I’m at the top of my game, Hell I’m out of there, Screw you Houston! So
Nolan Ryan goes to Arlington and what does he do, breaks every damn record in
the books and says suck it Houston! That could’ve been you Houston. Think of
these possibilities that come with resigning “The Express”. One, you might beat
out the Braves, Dodgers or Phillies and you win the world series, you bring in
fans to see Ryan break all these records and receive extra money for whatever
the organization needs, Nolan goes into the H.O.F. as a Astro instead of a
Ranger, and maybe he would be in the Astros management today and make some
better decisions then my good buddies Ed Wade and Drayton McClain and maybe
they had been in the World Series instead of those pesky rangers. I’m sorry
Houston but I’m scratching my head at this because it was so dumb. I wasn’t
even born and I know about this story!


Houston is known for having the “good ‘ol boys”. Craig
Biggio is the best description of one of those classy baseball players. The
player who never got the credit he deserved and probably never will, he was
built with two traits and nothing but it, heart and hustle. He was always the
first one to practice and last to hit the showers. He’d just take batting
practice until he’d have to leave because the stadium was closing. He is what
every baseball player should strive to be; he was a scholar and the student of
the game. But he played for the “management savvy Astros” (sarcasm idiots, read
why don’t you). He always loved Houston and he gave back to the city countless
times. He coaches for a High School baseball team in Houston and he recently
won the state championship, he also is a huge supporter of the sunshine kids, a
Houston based charity foundation. He gives back to the game and his city in
tremendous fashion. Although he is a great guy, his career was amazing; it
could’ve been 10 times better if he’d been with a different team. Biggio stayed
his whole career with the Astros and he won countless awards, was elected to
several All-Star games, recorded more than 3,000 hits, but he never won a World
Series. He made it in 2005 but thanks to the brilliant management of the ‘Stros
(Hope you saw the Sarcasm in that…. Idiots) they didn’t have the fire power on
offense or defense to match the White Sox (I Hate You Joe). Say that Biggio got
sick of the Astros or he went to a different team then the story might’ve been
different. He could’ve won multiple rings if he’d played for the Braves or the
Yankees of the 90’s. Unfortunately because he played for the non-flashy Astros,
he might not even make it to Cooperstown. Biggio will never admit this because
he enjoyed his career win or lose but he could’ve had a better career.


Now I could on and on about this depressing topic but I
wont because I’ve got somewhere to be but this will never change my love for
the Astros. I will never forgive the management for their stupidity. On the
other hand I can understand why players love playing for the small market
franchise in Houston. Houston is a great place for everything (not talking
about crime here) and its teams suck but you fall in love with them and they
always have those players that you love and adore like Biggio and “The Express”
but they did waste a lot of time with the Astros and we say thank you for the
priceless memories.






first acquaintance

      Hello everyone, we are 3 high school students from Omaha, Nebraska. Our names are Johnny, Joey, and Joe. We started this blog for our love of the game of baseball. We thought we should start following our hometown team, The Royals of Kansas City(Kansas City Royals for all you purists), but then we thought following one team would be bland, and ladies and gentleman, thats just not our style. So we decided to also adopt the Houston Astros, because Joey is from Texas and a long time Astro fan. We thought we’d document the disappointment and heartache of being Royals/Astro fans by following the good, the bad, and the ugly that most certainly comes with the Major League Baseball season.We will give you our analysis on the events that shape the Royals and Astro Franchises. We will give you our “Professional” and “Humorous” opinions on these two very special teams.

Strike 1: Joey Arbona

      I’m a freshman at one of the finest high schools in the greater Omaha metropolitan area. I’m a pretty big deal in the Big O and i probably have more facebook friends than you not that it matters or anything. I’m probably giving off the cocky high school student vibe but I’m just using my infinity for comedic culture and using vocabulary that stupid people like you Probably don’t understand. You probably also think that “wow” this kids thinks he’s so funny, well your right I do think i’m funny. You’ll see a lot of this in my blog posts because I have a passion for baseball that sometimes brings the worst out of me. I get mad at people in the business of baseball think they can just do whatever the hell they want. I like to call them on their mistakes and make them drown in their misery. Have fun reading my posts and don’t be insulted, It’s just my personality.
Strike 2: Johnny Keeley

   hi everyone:) im johnny. your all probably dying to know about me so i’ll try too quench your thirst for details about my very interesting life. first off like you’ve probably noticed i don’t like to capitalize things, don’t ask me why, i just don’t. I consider myself to be pretty witty and funny kid. I am a life time New York Yankee fan. I play baseball and football for my high school. Im a freshman to by the way if you care about that at all. ahhh what else 
o yes 
if your a girl read paragraph 1 if your a guy read paragraph 2.
1. I enjoy listening to john mayer, taking long walks to just think and write poems about my feelings. My favorite movies are “the notebook” and “a walk to remember” I like listening for hours on end about why ashley and brad are perfect for each other, and why Rachel is such a bitch and should just shut up. candlelight dinners are a favorite activity of mine, as is just talking about my feelings under the light of the moon on the beach while holding your hand and looking into your eyes.(ladies if you are not impressed than obviously you are a man and you should scroll down and read paragraph 2)
2. yeah im just a normal guy. i love playing football, and hanging out with my friends. I also chase after girls but of course as i’ve lead on its usually the other way around. no thats a lie…most of the time;) anyway. I love music, its my favorite thing in the world besides my family and sports. Im getting guitar lessons this summer and im pretty excited about that. I recently broke up with my girlfriend who i was with for a good 11 months and im still not quite over that. you know how that goes. i love the nebraska cornhuskers, denver broncos and milwaukee bucks. other than the fact that im extremely good looking i think you now know everything there is about me. i hope you enjoy reading my posts:) go royals and stros!

Strike 3: Joe Ely

    Unfortunately, our good friend go was busy doing homework when we wrote this so you’ll have to learn about him through the posts he puts up. I’ll just tell you some necessities you need to know about my friend joe.
1. He wears glasses
2. He’s the funniest out of all of us
3. Hes good at sports
4. He likes the royals and white sox ??
5. He’s been known to take his time however long that might be:)
6. Hes the nicest out of us three
7. He smells like apples
The Long Walk Back To The Dugout:

I hope you all enjoyed the first post of One Good Innings, and that you come back for more
we enjoying doing this and we hope you enjoy reading it
-Joey, Johnny and Joe(in spirit)